The Uplands

Updated 02/11/2020
Nailsea Town Council voted to reject the plans.
N.A.G.'s response can be read here.
North Somerset Council have submitted a plan, reference 20/P/2000/R3, to build 54 houses on the land south of the Uplands.
Although the deadline has passed, you may still  Make a comment on the North Somerset Council website.

The land is a significant piece of very pleasant, enclosed, open green space immediately to the south (rear) of the bungalows on the south side of The Uplands. It is very widely, frequently and regularly used for leisure by walkers, dog walkers, pic-nic ers etc.. For at least 45 years it has been Public Open Space and maintained as such by successive Councils – Woodspring District Council and now North Somerset Council (NSC).


At some point this land was accidentally omitted from a list of local green space which would have protected the land, and became incorporated into North Somerset’s Sites Allocation Plan (S.A.P.) in 2016. As soon as this was in the public domain, local residents made strong representations to the Town Council and North Somerset Council requesting its removal from the draft plan. At the S.A.P. public hearings in 2017, further arguments were vigorously presented to the government Inspector that the land should remain public open space, but to no avail. Once in the S.A.P., it could not be considered as local green space.


Since then (2017), however, COVID-19 has changed the world and pointedly sharpened the need for open space as a means to better physical and mental health and well-being. The government’s Communities Secretary, Robert Jenrick, has recently lent his support to this attitude.


Please comment on the application by October 22nd 2020.

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We are Stronger Together : Your Community Needs You
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