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The Library area

The buildings surrounding the Library, which originally accommodated a Health Centre and then a branch of Weston College (which still owns it), have been derelict for many years. With others, N.A.G. has supported the idea that, converted, they would provide good town centre apartments for individuals and families looking for affordable accommodation and/or those seeking to make a start on the housing ladder. The recent proposal for the buildings to become premises again for a health centre (relocated Brockway) has fallen through. N.A.G. continues to support the development of ideas to regenerate this centra area of the town.


The Library has been assessed as unfit for purpose, and the Town Council have received an appraisal of the area by architects OíLeary Goss. This can be seen on Nailsea Town Councilís website on pages 9-14 of the Town Council meeting record of Wednesday 16th December, 2021. There are various suggestions for the re-location of the Library, preferably within the Precinct, possibly in an unused retail premise. N.A.G. would deeply regret it if Nailsea lost its library altogether and would support its relocation in a central and easily accessible position and the Town Councilís efforts to accomplish this.


Causeway View

Linden Homes wish to build 195 homes behind Causeway View between the football ground and Watery Lane.  The land in question is currently subject to multiple ownership and is low lying which could significantly delay the builders' intentions.  There is nothing further significant to report on the proposed developments here particularly as National Grid is engaged in major works between Nailsea and Tickenham on undergrounding high voltage cable, and subsequently some new pylons, as part of the Hinkley Point to Avonmouth electricity connection. The approach road to The (Tickenham) Causeway, Hanham Way, is closed to traffic again until February as National Grid were unable to complete the work they had hoped would be finished by Christmas. It was complicated by the additional requirement to divert a water main. The Nailsea to Tickenham underground link is anticipated to be completed by September 2021. N.A.G. will scrutinise carefully any further planning that becomes known for this site, and habitually scans planning and development websites that might indicate prior information.


North Nailsea

Developers have expressed the intention to submit applications to build 600 homes between Clevedon Road and Bristol Road.


Youngwood Lane

Taylor Wimpey intend to build 165 houses on this site encircled by Youngwood Lane as Phase 1 of 3 eventually totalling 450 dwellings. Nailsea Town Council has always been, and still is, opposed in principle to this development, but may not oppose it as the plans have been approved by a government housing inspector following hearings last summer in Weston-super-Mare. Nevertheless Nailsea Town Council is making many recommendations to improve the current plan and road layouts.


The Perrings

At the top of The Perrings at its junction with Youngwood Lane, a speculative application to build 14 dwellings has been submitted to North Somerset Council on a small sliver of land. N.A.G. supports Nailsea Town Councilís vigorous recommendation to reject the proposal on too many grounds to list here, but not least on the basis that it will encroach on the Strategic Gap agreed to be between Nailsea and Backwell. If built, the development would create a dangerous precedent for other speculative proposals south of The Perrings down the hill towards Backwell Lake on which land it is believed that developers have held options for many years.

N.A.G. Committee

The committee usually meets once a month on the 4th Monday (we do not usually meet in December) at 7:30pm.  If you are interested in joining the committee or feel you can help out with research or publicity then please contact the Secretary.


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