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Engine Lane: Town Council Extraordinary Meeting 29th April 2020

The Town Council are holding an Extraordinary meeting to discuss extending the contract with Barratts.  You can read more in our latest news email here.  To attend the meeting please contact the Town Clerk by email


2020 AGM

The fourth AGM (and twelfth open public meeting) was held at The Whiteoak Academies of Hannah More Infants and Grove Juniors on Thursday 23rd January, 2020. Draft minutes available to view here and the reports presented at the meeting are here


In the year since the third AGM on 7th February 2019, the committee has continued to work hard, though most of this has been out of public view.


       The committee has met regularly throughout the year.

       There have been a number of meetings between the Chair and Vice-Chair;

      N.A.G. has written to the Town Council and continued to monitor the progress on Engine Lane, as well as attending the public meeting held by the National Grid on the current cabling work underway

       We have worked to expand our community engagement and have attended an A-Level Geography lesson at Nailsea School.

       We attended and spoke at the JSP hearings and the Youngwood Lane appeal.


N.A.G. Committee

The committee usually meets once a month on the 4th Monday (we do not usually meet in December) at 7:30pm.  If you are interested in joining the committee or feel you can help out with research or publicity then please contact the Secretary.


Joint Spatial Plan

Following rejection of the plan by Inspectors in Summer 2019, North Somerset Council have stated their intention to withdraw from the plan and continue to develop their own Local Plan.


Engine Lane

Works for the National Grid Hinkley Point connection commenced at the start of January 2020 throwing the original development timetable for housing on this land into doubt.


The Uplands

The residents have worked very hard to try to establish the land to the south of The Uplands as open green space through North Somerset Council and the Ombudsman, but this has not been successful. The land remains in the Sites Allocation Plan and fifty houses are intended to be built there by a consortium of Bath and North-East Somerset and North Somerset Councils. It is not clear as to whether or not planning permission will be needed or how local residents therefore might object. However, a successful application for a woodland preservation order, rather than individual tree reservation orders) was made for the ancient woods at the east end of the land to the south of The Uplands, and a fully documented application for official registration and recognition of the footpaths/ways that have been used for decades has been lodged. NAG will be watching developments closely.


Causeway View

Linden Homes wish to build 195 homes behind Causeway View between the football ground and Watery Lane.  The land in question is currently subject to multiple ownership and is low lying which could significantly delay the builders' intentions.


North Nailsea

Developers have expressed the intention to submit applications to build 600 homes between Clevedon Road and Bristol Road.

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